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Terms & Conditions

1. Stanzee Drilling (Pvt) Ltd to drill a borehole to depth agreed before set-up on site. Any extra meters drilling required must be paid for as per quotation or current drilling rates.
2. Customers without accounts will have to make a full payment up front for the required borehole drilling.
3. Should a deeper hole be required than original agreement, payment should be made immediately. If payment is not received within 1 hour, Stanzee Drilling will complete the borehole only to the original depth agreed. Any re-mobilization thereafter will be charged.
4. For special payment arrangements, no work will commence until an official written agreement has been signed. Such an agreement may be an acknowledgement of debt with payment due date.
5. The client in any circumstance shall withhold no retention without written approval from Stanzee. 
6. The Client takes full responsibility for the siting of the borehole.
7. Stanzee Drilling will not be responsible for applying for permits to drill on the client’s property, nor for registration of the borehole.
8. The client is responsible for obtaining the necessary certificates, licenses, permits and consents required by Statute, or any order or regulation made there under, or by any regulation or by-law of any authority or statutory undertaker. 
9. The Client shall ensure and undertake to clear access to the borehole site prior to the arrival of drilling rigs and equipment, including removal of walls, fences, bushes, etc.
10. The Client hereby grants Stanzee Drilling free access to and from the site for equipment, personnel and management.
11. The Client shall provide Stanzee Drilling at no charge, such space at his drill site and its proximity as Stanzee Drilling may require for his equipment and materials.
12. Unless otherwise stated the quotation is based on all the conditions of the site being the same as at the time of quotation. We have made no allowance for payment of any way leave or for reinstatement of or compensation for unavoidable damage. Any additional costs incurred by us due to additional works arising under this clause will be added to the cost of the work.
13. If required, the Client shall allow the Stanzee Drilling crew to reside on the property overnight to guard machinery and equipment. Stanzee will provide required camp facilities and food.
14. Stanzee Drilling will not be held liable in the event of accidental damage to crops, buildings, trees, fences, walls or any property upon or adjacent to such site.
15. We shall not be held responsible for any damage or the consequences of any damage to buried services such as cables, pipes, sewers etc. We shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury arising as a consequence of carrying out the work required by the client or his agents, and the client will indemnify us and keep us indemnified against all claims, costs, damages and expenses arising from such loss, damage or injury.
16. Stanzee Drilling shall furnish all labour, tools and machinery necessary to carry out their part of this agreement diligently, and in a suitable workmanlike manner.
17. Stanzee Drilling does not guarantee, imply or promise water in the borehole.
18. Stanzee Drilling shall determine the time, manner, means and method of doing the work.
19. Stanzee Drilling shall determine the amount and type of casing required for the borehole.
20. In the case of a problem borehole (collapsing formation, cavities, fractures or uncontrollable mud, stone etc.) Stanzee Drilling will abandon site immediately and refund payment made less costs incurred for work done, diesel and materials used.
21. If the borehole is deemed dry (no water), Stanzee Drilling will not install borehole casing and some refund will be given to the client.
22. Stanzee Drilling will not be held responsible for statements by the drilling staff. Capacity testing must be done using pump methods to determine water yield.
23. The Client permits Stanzee Drilling to dump all cuttings, waste and debris out of the borehole during the progress of work, around and about the drill site. Stanzee Drilling shall not be called upon to remove the same unless specifically contracted to do so.  
24. Stanzee Drilling shall not be held responsible for problems arising from boreholes drilled in problem formations.
25. We will not be held responsible in the event of a borehole pumping “dry” after any period of time, nor shall we be held responsible for lack of sufficient amounts of water upon completion of drilling. The end results of drilling in the ground cannot at any time be guaranteed.
26. Stanzee Drilling will not go back to repair a borehole that has been blasted or tampered with by any other company.
27. Stanzee Drilling will not be responsible for problems arising from siting or pump installations done by a third party. Problems arising from siting and third party pump installations are to be directed to the respective companies.
28. Stanzee Drilling reserves the right to cancel a job at our own discretion. A full refund will be given and no penalties will apply.
29. Stanzee Drilling reserves the right to turn down drilling in specific areas that are known to have problem formations.  
30. If any provision in these Terms and Conditions is or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect the remaining parts will remain in force and will not be in any way impaired.
31. In the absence of a written quotation, current Stanzee Drilling rates will apply.  

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