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There are so many varieties of pumps designed to suit your water requirements. At Stanzee we tend to focus more on electric and solar pump systems which are becoming more affordable lately thanks to enovation in product design and market competition.

Contrary to what people worry about, there aren't very many bad pumps in the market, just bad installers so we urge you to take care in selecting your service provider.

~ Always discuss the installation at length with your chosen service provider
~ The installer should make sure that the pump is suited to your water needs but not over and above the borehole capacity.
~ See to it that a proper manhole cover is used to prevent backfill and contamination as well as to prevent theft.

We can not say what a proper installation should look like as there are so many variables depending on your needs and borehole capacity. Give yourself peace of mind and be there so that you understand the layout and how the system works.

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